About Us

Our Guiding Principles


We expect all JOLCAR Security Staff to have a positive and respectful attitude at all times while on duty.


Absolute honesty and courtesy towards EVERYONE


Be punctual, reliable, and professional deportment

Who We Are

JOLCAR Security Services Inc. is  renowned as Nova Scotia’s premiere guard service. We are excited to provide a high profile style of security with an emphasis on great customer service. One of our primary goals is to change the public perception of security guards from the base level “observe and report,” reputation, to the practice of our professionals today with their hands on, community oriented, crime reduction strategies. Community has always, and will always, be a key part of our everyday operations. Members of our Community Response Unit (CRU) are regularly connecting with members of the public to build and maintain community relations, which we believe is the first step in our crime reduction strategy.

JOLCAR Security Services Inc. has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including long term care facilities, large retail centres and apartment complexes. Our history and experiences have allowed our staff to connect with a variety of diverse cultures and lifestyles. We take great pride in having team members from a multitude of diverse backgrounds and different walks of life. This diversity provides a unique opportunity to be able to place these team members in situations where they apply their own life experiences and skills to approach conflicts and situations, and produce reasonable and effective solutions

JOLCAR Care, a division of JOLCAR Security, is a staffing service that allows us to provide more services outside of security.

CRU Division (Community/Commercial/Corporate Response Unit)
A division of our mobile patrol services; highly trained and experienced security guards. Our staff members have received post secondary education in police studies, criminology or corrections, or have obtained previous military or law enforcement experience.

How It All Started

JOLCAR Security Services is owned and operated by Ben and Michele Joly. Combined, they have over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and security. The name JOLCAR was inspired by their family names as a tribute to their fathers. David Carter, 31 years with Toronto Police Service and Daniel Joly, entrepreneur. Both instilled in Ben and Michele the value of hard work and service. Customer Service is and will always be a key component of JOLCAR Security Services. In 2017 JOLCAR Security Services was founded. What began with event security services has grown rapidly thanks to excellent customer experience and word of mouth referrals.

Within a year of providing services JSSI was awarded a contract with two large property management companies; one in the commercial and the other in residential, who we still serve today. Today, JSSI continues to adapt to the needs of their clients and implement services, always ensuring they commit to their community-focused approach. This has allowed JSSI to branch out into providing services for long-term care facilities,  entry screening personnel, resident watch, and onsite facility security services.

“At The End Of The Day, The goals Are Simple: Safety And Security”

-Jodi well

Meet The Team

Michele Joly


Ben Joly

Owner/Chief Security Officer

Operations Support Manager


K9 Detection Services 
(In Training)

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